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  • 0-10 Analog Out

    Hi, I plan on using a Click 0-10V analog output module to control the speed of a DC motor with an IronHorse Gsd1 series Controller. My quick review of the 2.51 program indicates I can set the speed based on an input with a table of values. Can the output (0-10V) be controlled by values directly written into the program? I only need to know if it is possible, I can do the legwork. I assume it would also work the same, if I used the 1-20 ma inputs used on some DC controls? Thanks

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    yes the DF location of your output can be manipulated as you see fit once youve setup the range and scaling in the system configuration


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      Your help is appreciated, Ed Courter


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        Just be careful if you're plan on using the Click with current/voltage output. Those combo units ONLY provide 0-5V, instead of 0-10V. If you want to use 0-10V, you have to go with an analog voltage only output Click.
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