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    I have been writing a Click program at the office and making use of the desk space by having the laptop connected to a second monitor. Unfortunately when I went on site I forgot to bring the second monitor and found I could not use the Click software because some of the required navigation boxes had been placed on the second monitor. Is there anyway of forcing the layout of the software to revert to a default condition. I had spent a bit of time trying to navigate through my program but without the navigation tabs I could not.

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    You might try selecting a box via toolbar followed by Alt, space, M, then hold arrow key to walk the box to the current monitor. Or try holding windows key while tapping the appropriate arrow key.

    Go the the program shortcut's properties, change run in to a different window configuration (maximized, etc).

    You could also try to reinstall click software.
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      Look here. -> the post is for PAC Suite, but it may help you with CLICK.
      As mentioned in one of the posts, I usually change my screen resolution long enough to be able to grab the wayward window and bring it back into view.
      ----I don't know if this is fixed or will ever get fixed. smh


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        I tried it while at my 2 monitor PC the other day, opening the address picker via toolbar, then Win + arrow moved it around from monitor location successively.