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Click with two SOLO temp Controls Comm 3 issues

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  • Click with two SOLO temp Controls Comm 3 issues


    I have my two SOLO 9696 series connected to a Click PLC Via comm 3 in paralel. PLC to Solo 1 and from Solo 1 to Solo 2.

    Solo 1 works fine with one receive and two send

    Solo 2 does not communicate. it also has one receive and two send.

    Solo 2 send error back. Sometimes works when I start playing with the timing of the on/off contacts before the send/receive instruction.

    can anyone help me figure this out ?

    Thanks in advance

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    post an image/pdf of the comms part of the code and setup of click and each solo.

    I will assume that you have separate node IDs and both solos have CoSH turned on.
    Does #2 solo work if #1 is removed?
    What error does #2 'send' back?


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      Yes Both have CoSH on. and the node ID are 3 and 4.

      Solo 2 send error 0 back

      Solo 2 works fine if I remove the sens and receive to Solo 1 in the program.

      I believe is a traffic Issue


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        Sometimes I don't even get an error. I just don't see send/receive movement on the instruction


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          May be a timing issue as you alluded to in OP.
          Try putting a 50 - 100mS delay between the comms.

          A simple (NOT ROBUST) way is to use a timer.
          PRESET to whatever value gives 2 seconds
          If elapsed is between 50 and 100, do (rising edge) send for #1
          If elapsed is between 150 and 200 do (rising edge) receive for #1

          If elapsed is between 250 and 300, do (rising edge) send for #2
          If elapsed is between 350 and 400 do (rising edge) receive for #2

          give the hardware a breather - reset the timer and do it again.

          I recommend doing this for DEVELOPMENT testing only.
          I have seen others do this for process, It may well work, but you will not know when it fails - till later.

          Also, be careful when writing to the solo. The memory will degrade with each write. See manual - specifications for MEMORY PROTECTION
          > Memory Protection EEPROM 4K bit, number of writes 100,000
          You can avoid this by reading the register and only writing if that register is different.


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            Here is an AD link to a video on how to communicate Click to Solo.



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              Hi all,

              I was able to fix the problem by rising the character time out to 20 instead of the default 2 in the com 3 setup.

              Thanks you for the help