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Pitching Machine - Sequencing a series of user selections-

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  • Pitching Machine - Sequencing a series of user selections-

    Building a pitching machine for grandsons.
    Making progress but having a brain fart.

    Build the HMI screens (HMI Droid)
    The Pitching placement is working as is the Pitch type. For single pitch.

    Would like to make it so player could pick 10 pitches (more or less) from the Pitch Type selection.

    With a number of different pitches selected, would like it to cycle threw the selected pitches when start pitching is selected and repeat til stop pitch button is selected.

    Was looking at a drum switch command, not sure how to get pitch selection into the drum. Player could change pitches at any time.
    sequence drum trigger would be the ball feed from auto ball feeder.

    Attached is pic of HMI and code rung to move numbers into 4-20ma actuators and VFD (Left /Right, up/down position. Right/left/bottom wheel speed)
    Number are just numbers, needs to be tuned once get it to sequence.

    Any Ideas?
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    Hi Jangulaallen,
    I would use pointer addressing (Indirect addressing). Here is a post to log information using indirect addressing. It can be easily be modified for your application.
    I hope this helps you out.
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      Hi Garry,
      I scoped out doing it with Indirect addressing. Ran into other issues with letting the operator know which pitches were selected and able to deselect pitching while in cycle. select other pitches while in cycle.

      I went with using a drum for each pitch speed and and series them together.
      Ran into an odd issue of drum wanting to skip first step when sequencing down but not from last drum to first.
      Each pitch only show 7 on HMI but programmed for 10. future expansion and keep everything in sets of 10.
      I had to use a Negative Differential Contact to reset drum so it wound not jump over first step. Not jumpover it but on "one" jog go from step 10 in one drum, to step "1" than "2" in next drum in sequence.

      i have a bug somewhere in the "No Pitch Selected" code that skips over any non- selected pitches.

      Also need to Figure out a way to set to "0" a large selection of "Control Relays" C101 to C400

      Click image for larger version

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        Many of the instructions can be used in a ranged mode.

        "Reset C101 to C400"

        Click image for larger version

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