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Newbie Project with 5 motors

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  • Newbie Project with 5 motors

    FanControls_01.pdf We have a project that needs to start 5 different motors. We are looking to start all 5 at one time, but have the ability to stop and start the 5 motors individually. We ran across the CLICK C0 and its capabilities (C0-00DD2-D). I haven't used Ladder Logic since the early 1990's. I did start a program in the CLICK programming software, see attachment. I did not find any examples in the tutorials. Does someone have a simple circuit for this similar setup or able to assist with this?

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    1. Your first error is having the outputs as just "out" and not "set."
    2. Too many instances of the output. In PLC scanning, last instance of the same addressed output type wins.
    3. There are not Inputs 9-12 on that Click, and you will need to purchase an input expansion module C0-08ND3; here.

    Try the program I've attached.
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      Hi, Been learning a lot about Click here, hope to give some back.
      I'm old school AB.

      See Todds notes about your PDF.

      Like I said, I'm old school and do not like wiring Stop Button Normally open.
      If you some reason you lose power to the stop button you will not be able to stop motors. Someone rips out wires, pop a breaker. Error to the safe side.

      Appears you are used to using outs instead of sets.
      Everyone programs different, I attached a screen grab with STOP BUTTON WIRED NORMALLY CLOSED
      I like programming this way as I think it is easier to teach someone to understand the logic and trouble shoot.
      Click image for larger version

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        PS You will need 12 in and 5 out


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          Do not use an output as a hold. Doing that will not give an indication if the contactor or motor starter actually pulled in, or if it has tripped on overload. Use an additional input from the motor starter.

          or VFD
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