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  • 7-Day Timer Switch

    I have a DoMore BRX PLC and CMore T9 HMI panel. A machine I am running needs to switch ON an hour before production, Monday-Friday, to warm up. The ON/OFF schedule needs to be easily accessible to the operator, as production times vary periodically. Is there a simple way to setup a 7-day timer schedule, in either the HMI or the BRX PLC?

    I am hung up on this one, let me know if I am overlooking something. Thanks in advance!

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    Here's a sample that might work for you or a starting point if nothing else.
    Click image for larger version

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    There might be a cleaner way to accomplish this.
    If you would prefer to make the start-time variable, instead of hard coding the start-time for each day you could add two files for each day (MonStartHour,MonStartMin,TueStartHour.....)
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      FYI, you can create Symbolic Constants for the days of the week (e.g. SUN=0, MON=1, TUE=2, etc., and months too, e.g. JAN=1, FEB=2), then your ladder logic is even more readable:

      Click image for larger version

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      In the Documentation Editor, hit the Symb button in the toolbar. The constant value can be decimal, hex, octal, or real. That numeric value will be displayed as the "Extra Info" field, but the symbolic name will be displayed for the element name, and for editing (e.g. type "SAT" in the relational contact editor - they even show up in the auto-complete).

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        Neat Stuff


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          franji1 & pbw, I really appreciate your feedback. I am going to get on this in the morning. I'll let you know how it goes.