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Terminator Ethernet I/O Error

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  • Terminator Ethernet I/O Error

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ID:	112016 This is a new setup and have not used the Terminator Line before, so there maybe something I am doing incorrectly, any advice would be great.
    Any ideas why this would be happening, the system errors out every 10 minutes or so, then the error goes away but the CPU needs to be switched back to run. I have tried moving cards and bases around but the issue seems to be only in slot 2 of the remote I/O Panel. Let me know if there is another screen shot That would help.
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    And this.

    "After all that, the program seems so simple."


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      These are really two different things, although they might be related.

      The PLC is dropping out of RUN mode because the slave is failing to communicate within the specified timeouts and retries, and is configured as required for RUN mode. If it is OK that the base drops offline from time to time, then you can change the slave configuration to remain in RUN mode on failure. It isn't normal that the comms are failing that bad though, and I would definitely start by trying to understand that first. Network issues? Slave issues? PLC issues? Need to pin that down.

      The module that is reporting an error could be related...I could definitely see a case where a busted module could cause the EBC100 to get annoyed enough to start failing comms, but again maybe not. Need to start simplifying the problem.

      I would start by removing modules from the the slave and seeing if the comm cleared up.


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        It could also be as simple as the power not being clean enough or a poor ground connection. Unsupressed solenoids, coils, wiring too close to a VFD, etc can all lead to bad communications or possibly the slave dropping out.
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          Do-More PE, You are absolutely correct on is, I scoped the 24v supply and every time the start bell rings there was a bunch of noise. It did not fault every time, but when it did the bell is ringing, The bell was an old time-e bell with a plunger lots of arcing and sparking. Changed out the bell and the problem is gone.

          Thank You,
          "After all that, the program seems so simple."