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What are the .dlo and .wsp files in the project folder?

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  • What are the .dlo and .wsp files in the project folder?

    I'm about done with my first Do-more project, and I was about to upload it to our company cloud, but then I see these other two files. Testing, I can open the .dmd from another folder and everything seems to be in-tact. Do I need those other two files?

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    Technically, no. However...

    .wsp is the Designer project's WorkSPace file, which keeps track of all the various window positions and even some content, e.g. where/what Data Views and Trend Views. It is not vital for the project CONTENT, but it is VERY HELPFUL for when you re-open the project, the specific code blocks, Data Views, Trend Views will show up where they were when you shut down Designer for THAT project.

    .dlo is the Designer project's dockable/floatable LayOut file. It keeps track of the hierarchical positioning of all the various dockable/floatable views (since they can be grouped and tiled and docked, and then grouped and tiled and docked within a group or tile or dock). Again, not project content, but very helpful for when you re-open the project.
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      Thanks, franji1!


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        That is way better than what the java-based software allows.