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Relay outputs capable of PWM?

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    Originally posted by ControlsGuy View Post
    You certainly don't need a 1kHz PWM for temperature. Even IR lamps, the most demanding heating loads I'm familiar with for timebase, because of thermally-induced fatigue, do just fine on an 8ms time base (phase angle fired).
    Doing digitally controlled phase angle would be fun. Should be able to generate a DC-input-friendly square wave with the 24v zener and another diode. Feed that into a high speed input and use one of several possible ways to control the output...:ring!:

    ...sorry, phone call. It's from a Mr. Reuben Goldberg. Guess I need to take it...


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      I'm picturing a ball bearing rolling down an inclined track, falling on the answer button on the screen of a smartphone.....hmmm, that worked better with the old mechanical multi-line phone, may have to rethink....


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        The nominal leakage is about 100uA at 60Hz, coming through a 2200pf snubber cap. It's hard to believe that would turn on a LED bright enough to matter. I wonder if there is some higher frequency noise on the AC.
        I have had the same problem with AC outputs. You can put a shorting resistor in parallel with the LED.


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          Originally posted by BobO View Post

          I will flog engineering and suggest they consider the error of their ways.
          LOL!! ive ALWAYS wanted to do that