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    I'd like to get the weather forecast into a BRX so it can make better control decisions. Does anybody know of a IOT Broker that publishes that data, or could a guy stream in a RSS Feed and decipher that within the BRX?
    Would the BRX be able to make a API request? or maybe I'm better of doing it with a arduino then feeding it into the PLC. It doesn't have to be bullet proof,it's for a home project.
    I know its a long shot and not what the PLC was intended for but I thought I'd ask.
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    I would use a Raspberry pi and query Weather Underground and publish the Forecast via MQTT topic to the BRX.


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      No idea if Do-More can do a Get() or not, but there's nice realish-time (like updated once an hour) weather data at[FLC].xml, where FLC is the four-letter code for the nearest NOAA weather station, which you can also find out at The FLC nearest Jonesborough, TN, for example is KTRI, which is at Bristol/Johnson/Kingsport Regional Airport.

      Here's a sample of the XML:

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
      <?xml-stylesheet href="latest_ob.xsl" type="text/xsl"?>
      <current_observation version="1.0"
      <credit>NOAA's National Weather Service</credit>
      <title>NOAA's National Weather Service</title>
      <suggested_pickup>15 minutes after the hour</suggested_pickup>
      <location>Bristol / Johnson / Kingsport, Tri-City Regional Airport, TN</location>
      <observation_time>Last Updated on Sep 18 2018, 6:53 pm EDT</observation_time>
      <observation_time_rfc822>Tue, 18 Sep 2018 18:53:00 -0400</observation_time_rfc822>
      <weather>A Few Clouds</weather>
      <temperature_string>82.0 F (27.8 C)</temperature_string>
      <pressure_string>1012.3 mb</pressure_string>
      <dewpoint_string>64.9 F (18.3 C)</dewpoint_string>
      <heat_index_string>84 F (29 C)</heat_index_string>
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        Do you need to get current conditions? If so it may be easier to put in an outdoor sensor. You can get analog (4-20MA for temp and RH) or you can get then either serial or ethernet. The serial/ethernet can be setup to just udp stream values to an iport of your choosing. I have used devices from omega, vaisala, and rotronic before.
        At my house I have an ACI analog outdoor temp/RH probe.