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Programming over a cellular modem connection?

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  • Programming over a cellular modem connection?

    Hello, I quoted a job that requires remote access to turn off and on pumps and send daily flow totals (along with alarms) via e-mail.

    After several posts on this site, I have decided to go with the c-more panel for controlling the pumps (so I can use the remote communications via the internet) and a BRX plc (I will order it with an either net port) to handle the actual control, flow totals and the e-mails (I was told it is very easy to set up e-mails with this unit).

    I will feed both the PLC and the c-more into a switch / router then into a cellular modem ... then the customer can access it via the internet.

    One thing I didn't think of ... can I program the plc or the c-more over the internet connection?

    The unit will be 800 miles away from me. Do I need to be on site each time they want to make a change or can I do this over the internet?

    Thanks ..... Mike

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    Lot of variables to this. Simple answer; most likely yes. More complex answer; maybe, maybe not depending on latency, cell provider, data rate, etc, etc, etc. This usually boils down to try it and see.
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      The only way that I know to program a Cmore over the Internet is with a VPN connection.


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        Can you please explain how you went about setting up this VPN connection? Does the vpn router needs a unique set-up at each customer site? By that I mean is can I have a common vpn router set up with each system shipped, but of course settings for each system will be unique prior to shipment.