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Problems with Y discrete outputs and 2Citrio(2) modules

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  • Problems with Y discrete outputs and 2Citrio(2) modules

    So I have a pretty classic type of setup using two Citrio(2) cards to run 3 motors and it works great. However, when I tried to add in the Y output code to turn on/off air valves, the Y outputs would not turn on. When I take the Motion/Citrio configuration out of the program...just like that the Y outputs are working. CTAXCFG or the CTAXJOG code would cause this? I'm baffled! I know it's the motion code causing this as I can force the Y outputs on but cannot use code to turn them on when the motion code is active. The CPU is an H2-DME1 in a 205 base. Output card is a D2-16TD1-2. Does anyone know how to fix this??

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    No, the CTRIO2 modules shouldn't have any impact on Ys assigned to a discrete output. Probably need a bit more information. Can you post your program or email it to