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Reuseable Code with BRX?

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  • Reuseable Code with BRX?

    I am starting to migrate several product lines from the Click to BRX platform, and was wondering if there is a way to have reusable code between common products that will be using the BRX.
    Right now, if a make a change to a click program, I must go to ~20 Click programs and make the same change.
    Is there a method I can use with the BRX now that I am starting clean, where I can have a library of code blocks, that I can cut and paste to multiple projects. Should we need to make a change to a code block, we would update the master, and then we can just update the code block in each product from the master, without editing the code line by line in each project. These code blocks could also be helpful when starting a new product, where we can start clean, and add the required code blocks to get things started, instead of taking an old program and gutting what is not needed to start.
    Thanks for your thoughts.
    David S

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    I'd stick the code blocks into a "Program" Code Block and use them for management. You'll still have to make individual changes to each project, but at least the changes will be clearly defined.

    Take a look in the Software help file and pick the main topic on Code Blocks (DMD0231) for more information.

    Also take a look at importing and exporting projects and inserting instructions from a file (DMD0540).

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      This is definitely an area we would like to work on in the future. For now, no, there really isn't good library mechanism.

      You can get semi-close to reusability through the import/export mechanism. If you have program or task blocks that are the same across projects, you can export the project and isolate the relevant parts and copy them between projects.