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PID temperature control

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  • PID temperature control


    I know this is probably a rookie question but I'm stumped at the moment.

    I am trying to setup a BRX plc to control platen temperatures on a molding press. The PLC will read the temperature via the BRX thermocouple input module, then needs to send the pulsing output signal to solid state relays to turn on and off the heating elements. I know that this should be relatively simple with PID control, but I have never messed with it before. I couldn't find much in the help guide for getting me started in the right direction. Does anyone have any example programs available that I could look at?

    Our maintenance department has the machine torn down for overhaul right now so I can't connect to it yet to mess with it. I would like to get my program somewhat sorted out before I upload it to minimize our downtime.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Search TIMEPROP ( Time Proportional Control) in the help file.


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      Are you knowledgeable in PID and just need to know how to do Timed Proportional Output based on the .Output percentage? If so, look at the TIMEPROP instruction.

      If you want to get a better understanding of how Do-more does PID, look at the PID1.dmd sample project that runs on the Simulator (it's in the Projects\Examples\Do-more Simulator folder). The Simulator is a virtual PLC that runs as a Windows application. No hardware needed!

      It has a built-in process simulator itself. The PID1.dmd project works with that process simulator. Once you open that project, look at the Start Page for details.
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