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  • BX-EBC100 Ethernet

    I'm considering using a BRX PLC for an upcoming project. The project has a number of requirements, including a large amount of Discrete IO and UDP messaging to other devices on an ethernet network. I've never used the BRX PLC, let alone its Remote IO capabilities. So, I just want to make sure I'm not misunderstanding anything. As I understand it, the BRX PLC and the EBC100 controllers are connected via CAT cables thru an ethernet switch. Is the Remote IO ethernet protocol compatiable with standard TCP/IP communications? In other words:

    Can I send UDP messages to 3rd party devices over the same physical ethernet network used by the Remote IO? This 3rd party devices would be connected to the same ethernet switch.
    Is this the same physical network that my PC connects to the BRX for programming? (no need to add a secondary ethernet POM?)
    Can I also simultaneously talk Modbus TCP on the same physical network as the Remote IO?

    Assuming I have 1024 IO points on the Remote IO network, answers to the above are YES, and the BRX programming is simply converting the Input to a UDP message, would there be any humanly noticable lag from the time and Input is closed, the signal is communicated to the PLC, converted to UDP and the UDP message is sent out to the network?

  • #2 can do all of that out the primary Ethernet at the same time, and no, there shouldn't be a perceptible delay.

    The only caveat I would offer is that you might see a higher than normal retry occurrence on the I/O network. As long as you can tolerate the occasional retry, it'll be fine.