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Multiple Modbus Networks & BRX SERIO

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  • Multiple Modbus Networks & BRX SERIO

    I'm considering using a BX-DM1E with several EBC100 for Remote IO. I will eventually need to integrate 5 to 6 Modbus RTU networks, at least one DMX network and possibly an RS485 network. There was mention in another forum post about the upcoming BRX SERIO module, which sounds like just what I need.
    • How does the BRX SERIO module interface with the BRX PLC? Is it on the Remote IO ethernet network?
    • I assume I can use more than one of SERIO module per PLC, and that the various protocols are configurable per port (not per module, as in all ports on the module must use the same protocol)? Will Modbus be configurable as master or slave?
    • Any guestimate when the SERIO module will be available? Sometime in 2019?
    • In the case the SERIO module doesn't make it to market for whatever reason, what other options do I have to integrate the above networks with the BRX PLC? DMX / Modbus RTU to Ethernet gateways?

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    I'm sure the SERIO module will just be a module that plugs in like any other module rather than hanging on the I/O network; that's the way previous ADC serial modules have been.

    Questions are: Will we be able to put them in remote I/O racks? Sometimes intelligent and specialty modules can't be placed in remote racks. Second, how many ports will it have? You might be able to run more than one independent network from each module, which would be nice since you need so many networks.


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      SERIO is a standard expansion module that plugs on the end of any BRX MPU.

      You can use up to 8 in the local base. Each port is individually configurable. Modbus master and slave are both supported.

      ADC's policy is to not talk about launch dates, but the module development is essentially complete.