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BRX Do-More Series PLC with GDJ-411 Color Sensor

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  • BRX Do-More Series PLC with GDJ-411 Color Sensor

    I am a teacher at a technical college and we are working on a color sorting conveyor project that can distinguish between 4 different colors (red, green, blue, yellow). We have the BRX series PLC and we purchased a GDJ-411 color sensor. Unfortunately I can't find anything on using these sensors with a PLC. We are trying to make it trigger a certain solenoid whenever it sees a certain color. Is this possible without using an external microcontroller?

    Thank for any advice.

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    no user manual for the sensor?


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      THIS was all I could find. I'm not sure how to go about differentiating the colors.


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        It looks to me like your sensor has an open collector output rated for 10-30V so it should be able to drive a BRX input directly.

        Your link seem to be to the GDJ-411BG model which seems to have blue and green light sources/sensors, based on the description of "Color track sensor" one might presume a separate output for each. One might think that if adjusted correctly a blue object would turn on only the blue output, green object green output, white or cyan might turn on both outputs, red object both outputs off, yellow ??? theoretically both outputs should be off, but depending on the exact nature of the colorant and sensor adjustment I can imagine the green output might turn on.
        I've mentioned "adjustment" twice, but the data sheet says nothing about adjusting so there is likely to be a lot of trial and error (emphasis on the latter)

        However, reading the data sheet again I'm beginning to doubt the above, I think it only outputs the presence or absence of an object, nothing about its color, with normally open and normally closed outputs. It may well be able to trigger on a blue mark while ignoring a green one (or vice versa) but I think the "ignoring" means no indication at all of the green objects presence.
        You might need 3 or 4 similar sensors to achieve what you want, and for the red and yellow, they would probably not be the same sensor, only "similar" but with different colors lights

        You may have noticed that Automation direct sell a color sensor that is described as being able to sense three colors ... for about $300 ! I'm not sure I'd expect much for a $50 sensor from China


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          i dont think this sensor will do what youre wanting it to. one with an analog output "might" output differently based on the color it sees. best bet go with something AD sells.


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            Thanks for the input guys! I really appreciate the advice. I will look into a simpler sensor that will do multiple colors as you suggested.