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    Is it possible with a BRX to copy portions of the ladder program? If so, how?

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    You can highlight + copy and then paste it somewhere else in the same instance of the software. You can also paste it into a different running instance. It will give you some options on how you want to handle the naming, etc..


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      You can copy and paste a single instruction, or you can copy and paste one or more rungs. Be warned - don't paste a rung or group of rungs when you have a whole rung(s) highlighted at the paste location unless you are wanting to replace the selected rung(s). Highlight a single instruction to insert the copied rungs above that. Single instruction paste gives you choices on where to place the inserted instruction.

      Just play with it to get this straight in your mind before working with something important. And use <Shift>+ cursor to highlight selections or mouse selection is left click and drag while holding. Shift doesn't work with the mouse like it does in other software.

      You can also copy and paste code blocks.

      I hope I didn't get any of that wrong.


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        In addition to rung(s) (Shift+Arrow selection), you can also cut/copy/paste...

        Instruction: click on any instruction and copy/cut it (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X), then paste it (Ctrl+V) wherever you want. If you try to Paste on top of an existing instruction, it will prompt you if how to insert or replace.

        Code Block: In the Project Browser, right click on a code-block, and select copy/cut. To paste it into another project - in the 2nd project, make sure you are in Edit mode, then right click on the Project Browser under the Control Logic sub-tree and select Paste.

        Also, the clipboard format supports TEXT format, which you can paste into NOTEPAD to look at the details.
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          Ok, thanks to all for the help! Tried the couple different ways and it worked out great.