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How to clone a plc?

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  • How to clone a plc?

    I have a BX-dm1e-36ed23 with a bx08td1 controlling a piece of equipment (together with a cmore panel if it matters). During programming, I noticed the plc would occasionally give a warning with no description (this did not affect its function in anyway that I could tell). I called support, they had me go thru a few steps, and sent me a replacement plc.
    The piece of equipment is currently inconveniently far away from a network connection. It would be handy if I could pre load all the settings on to the new plc (without plugging the bx08td1 into it), and then swap plcs on the machine after hours. Is there a way to do this?
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    There's two easy ways to do this:

    1. the PLC-> Create PLC Image utility will use a micro-sd card to transfer all of the selected parts of one BRX plc to a second BRX PLC.
    2. the File-> Export-> Generate DMLoader Image will do the same thing, only to a disk file that will be restored to the second BRX PLC using the DMLoader.exe utility.

    I'd suggest opening both utilities and clicking F1 to open the Help topic for them and look at the options available for each then decide which is best / easiest for you.