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BRX to Yaskawa V1000 drives

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  • BRX to Yaskawa V1000 drives

    I have 14 Yaskawa v1000 drives that I want to use explicit Ethernet messaging to operate. We are using a DoMore BRX cpu. I have bench tested one drive it works fine I can send/ receive all of the information. I am messaging using assemblies 21/71. I am connected to the network the MS light is solid green but the NS light is flashing green, All works but on any other system I use the NS light is solid green when it is on the system and working with the PLC. I called Yaskawa Tech support and they said the SI-EN3/V module may be defective However I tried two new one and the same result. I know there are some of you guys that have used Yaskawa drives (which we really like) and the DoMore (which we also like) to talk Ethernet I/P is it normal for the NS light not to be solid green, or do I have a problem. We have install thousands of the Yaskawa drives on Rockwell, GE, Modicon, etc. but this is the first DoMore with Ethernet.

    Thanks for any help or insight you can give. I don't want the customer to have a problems with this setup, we talked them into the DoMore away from Rockwell and if it go well we hope to keep using DoMore in their factory.


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    It is because you are not using Implicit communication, but Explicit.
    That is not a problem


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      We aren't there yet, but we do expect to have implicit scanner and adapter implemented later this year. I'm sure explicit works fine, but if this becomes a persistent concern, there will be an alternative.


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        Thanks, It works that is the main thing, I'll have to let our tech's and plant maintenance know this is normal and not a problem with this setup. I don't want them changing drives or communications modules if there is not a problem with them. It's easy to see the blinking light that is normally on and think that is a problem. We will update the program when the Implicit messaging is ready.