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Why use rung numbering by address? Do-more Designer

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  • Why use rung numbering by address? Do-more Designer

    I'm curious as to when that option would be useful. I thought we spent decades getting away from having to use low-level references to addresses.
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    I do see that the "xref" display that appears when hovering above an element in the Ladder View has "as input", "as output", and "as in/out" locations given as addresses. You would literally have to change to rung addressing by address to make use of that information. Wouldn't it be easier (for the user) to see these locations as rung numbers, rather than puzzles?


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      Mostly legacy, but address provides better granularity where there are multiple references in the same rung, so we keep it as an option. Cross reference has historically been address, because rung can't fully resolve the position, but we've added a rung # column to it. Ladder has been configurable since DirectSoft days. The popup xref is obviously still address, I guess because xref always has been. We probably should make that follow the ladder setting.

      Truthfully, I pay very little attention. From xref I double click the entry and it takes me straight to it, so I really don't care what the number is. Ditto for the xref tooltip...the entries are links, click them. You can even bypass the xref completely by highlighting the element you want and hitting CTRL+ and CTRL- to walk to the next and previous reference to the same element.


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        Printed copies of the programs for electricians find this helpful.
        Just a thought,