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Use BRX to log modbus data from GS3 VFD

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  • Use BRX to log modbus data from GS3 VFD

    Is it possible to use a BRX to log performance data via modbus from a GS3 VFD? I'm guessing the answer is probably yes but want to confirm before purchasing.

    I know sending out logged data periodically via internet is easy. Collecting data such as motor speed and current is what I'm not 100% sure about. BTW the VFD is not being controlled by modbus.



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    I have not used modbus with discrete motor control, but do not see anything in the documentation that would not allow it.
    P 3.00 Source of Operation Command
    P 4.00 0 Source of Frequency Command

    I usually monitor the normal drive data a single read of 12 elements.
    Starting at offset address 8449
    48449 - Status Monitor 1
    48450 - Status Monitor 2
    48451 - Frequency Command F
    48452 - Output Frequency H
    48453 - Output Current A
    48454 - DC Buss Voltage d
    48455 - Output Voltage U
    48456 - Motor RPM
    48457 - Scale Frequency (Low Word)
    48458 - Scale Frequency (High Word)
    48459 - Power Factor Angle
    48460 - % Load


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      Either by by using Modbus RTU over a serial line or by getting a GS-EDRV100 and using either the built in Remote IO capabilities of BRX or using Modbus TCP/IP.

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