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Printing a "Final Test Report" from BRX

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  • Printing a "Final Test Report" from BRX

    Hello all,

    I have a customer i am helping that will have a BRX controlling a testing machine for their business. Essentially they build their device and then put it into the BRX controlled machine and the BRX will put it through a series (about 300) different test. That is all very straight forward.

    At the End, they want to have a "Final Test Report" print out on computer paper to show the pass/fail conditions from the tests. I thought of just pumping .csv files to a computer and letting the computer control the Report Printing. I have done zebra printers in the past, but cant find one that prints 8.5x11in paper so thats out (unless im missing one that prints normal computer paper).

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to print directly a report directly from the PLC?


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    AD used to sell Point of View which is now a Schneider (Blue Open Studio) product. It's a very functional SCADA package which can generate all kind of reports in many formats. Might be worth looking into. It's not too hard to pull data out of the BRX and format it for a report. Last I looked, a 1500 tag build-time license is about $ 1k.


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      I have not used this but it will automatically log and send serial information.
      The other option I would consider is using AdvancedHMI to get the information in the PC and print out the forms.

      Just a thought.
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        If you can utilize a serial printer, it would be very easy to use STRPRINT and STREAMOUT to print text reports.

        Otherwise, you may need to send data to a server, and then have the server print the data. BRX PLCs support JSON data formatting, along with MQTT and HTTPCMD to send reports to a server.
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          Thanks Guys,

          Just going to use DMLogger and put an .csv on a folder on a computer.