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DMD auto save, where is it?

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  • DMD auto save, where is it?

    Real question is how do I find a the next unused stage number? I was adding an AXPOSTRAP with "jump to stage" on success (it would be a new stage) , I type in a name for I wanted, clicked the green check mark and the box prompting me for an address pops up. Now that works great for C bits, I click "next unused" and everything works fine, but here I don't want a C bit, I want a Stage, while poking around trying to find where it might show me the next unused stage number DMD (2.5.2) crashed! loosing all my unsaved changes!

    Ok, tried again, and I guess I sort of understand, sort of, as a stage bit is a structure element, not a "normal" element, it presumably has to be handled differently and the "Create Nickname" function would have to be more complicated, but still, it works so well for "normal" elements it was disappointing to not have it work for stages (and the crash was really annoying) . I do see that the element picker will find the next unused stage number, but that is just a number, I want a nickname! sure I can then go to the documentation editor and assign one, but that is a another step. Well, maybe it is not all that bad, after accepting the number, ctrl-D does allow assigning a nickname pretty easily (thought I didn't know that 5 minutes ago)
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    The current Create Nickname dialog is not stage bit aware. We are hoping to address the work flow for creating nicknames in the next major release (2.7).

    I can't remember if the crash you mentioned was addressed in 2.6 - it may have been (sounds familiar). I will check it out after the weekend.
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