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Do-more v2.6 crashing

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  • Do-more v2.6 crashing

    I recently installed DO-MORE V2.6 onto a new laptop using WINDOWS 10 PRO.

    With a past programme opened for a BRX PLC, as soon as I hit the EDIT tab, the programme freezes.

    Ideas and suggestions ??

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    Interesting. EMail your project to and we'll try to figure it out
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      Did you check the .zip file to see if Windows "helped out" by blocking it? Right click the .zip, click properties, General, Down at the bottom there might be a button that says "Unblock".
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        Now I am really stumped. Reloaded 2.6 program 3 times and always same result where the program freezes with the latest offline PLC prgm opened.

        Tried something different where I created a new offline prgm. It worked.

        Went into an old and very early offline prgm. It worked.

        And so I worked my way up to the latest prgm.

        Finally I opened the latest offline program . and now it works without freezing ??????????

        I have no answer. In any case thanks to all.