BRX Series PLC Do-More Designer Automation Direct
System Hardware Video
PLC Unboxing Video
Installing the Software (Do-More Designer 2.0) Video
Establish Communication Video
Firmware Update Video
Numbering Systems and Addressing Video
First Program Video
Monitoring and Testing the Program Video
Online Editing and Debug Mode Video
Timers Video
Counters Video
High-Speed IO Video
Compare Instructions Video
Math Instructions Video
Program Control Video
Shifting Instructions Video
Drum Instruction Video
Serial Communication Modbus RTU to Solo Process Temperature Controller Video
Data Logging Video
Email Text SMS Messaging (Gmail) Video
Secure Email Authentication (Gmail Server) Video
AdvancedHMI Communication Modbus TCP Video
Analog IO System Configuration Video
Modbus RTU BRX PLC Master to Click PLC Slave Communication Video
HTTP JSON Instructions Video
Analog Dusk to Dawn ProgramVideo
INC DEC 512 Registers for DMX512 - Video
BRX PLC PID with PWM Output - Video
BRX PLC PID Ramp Soak ProfileVideo
BRX Do-More Simulator MQTT Publish / SubscribeVideo
BRX Do-More PLC MQTT CommunicationsVideo

Stride MQTT Gateway Modbus RTU TCP
- Stride MQTT Gateway Unboxing - Video
- Stride MQTT Gateway Modbus RTU TCP - Video
Stride MQTT Gateway Click PLC Modbus RTU TCP - Video

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