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STRPRINT format error ????

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  • STRPRINT format error ????

    This one has me as I am trying to follow an example from DMD0168

    I need to e-mail out 12 values ... cmore has a limit of 6 ... client does not want two e-mails

    So I figured I would put 6 values into a string.

    I was trying to get a STRPRINT of my R1 value ... 1 ... as 001

    So looking at the example, there does not seem to be a way of doing this

    I did see that if I change it to an integer I can put a modifier of "zeropad" in and to this ...

    So I first copied R1 to WX1

    In the STRPRINT I put ....Fmtlnt(WX1, dec, 3, zeropad)

    I get two errors ... Unknown element, function, or invalid string around "Fmtlnt" at character position 1

    and .... Unexpected left parenthesis around "(" at character position 7

    I must be tired .... I thought I was following the example exactly but am making some dumb error.

    Thanks ... Mike

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    Sorry ..... need new glasses .....Fmtint not Fmtlnt .... way to many long nights trying to finish up this project .... "i" not a "l".

    Thanks .... Mike


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      It is case insensitive. You must have typed a lower case L, not an upper case i? FMTINT or FmTiNt or... Would work.

      WX is analog I/O. Use D memory for integers. The WX will be overwritten by the I/O driver. It is analog input memory.
      There are 10 kinds of people in this world, those who know binary, and those who do not.