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  • Bx-04thm

    This mod is driving me crazy. I have 4 channels hooked up. Channel 1 works fine.
    if I short the other channels everything looks good.
    i place a thermocouple in other inputs and all looks good.
    start to heat up and other thermocouples drop to incorrect values.(below zero)
    disconnect and read thermocouple on Fluke, reads correct temp.
    put thermocouple simulator on mod- get correct temp
    No X values reporting an error on mod config
    Serial ends in B3
    wx values reporting -1900 when disconnected that makes no sense should read −32,768?
    any help?

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    First: "wx values reporting -1900 when disconnected that makes no sense should read −32,768?" No, it shouldn't, the thermocouple module returns scaled temperature values, not a raw binary count, the minimum for a type J thermocouple is -190 [.0]

    Any chance that he polarity is backwards?
    My fist thought was using grounded thermocouples, some modules don't like that, however the specs. for the BX-04THM do show using grounded thermocouples as being allowed. that said, one does want all the surfaces grounded thermocouples might be connected to, to all be solidly grounded to the same point, there is a limit (not very high) to how much common mode voltage a sensitive circuit can handle.


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      Sounds like an issue with the module. Please do an RMA.
      If you have an urgent issue, please contact AutomationDirect's Technical Support team. Technical Support: 1(800) 633-0405 or (770) 844-4200 Email Tech Support