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trying to add instruction .... getting error

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  • trying to add instruction .... getting error

    I thought I was doing fine ... almost finished the program when I keep getting an error.

    I have a few contacts .... that goes to copy command for the output.

    I keep trying to a a second copy command under the first.

    Each time I get an error when I try to accept it.

    The error is "Compiler Error: Trying to AND above a JOIN" ... what?

    I tried a few different ways of doing it and just keep getting the same error ...

    Any suggestions .....

    Picture included.

    Click image for larger version

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    In the help file use the Search tab and search for "The Ladder Editor". Select it from the list (should be at the top). In the resultant display click on "Compiler Errors". Read about this condition.

    For your particular problem use the rung until after the NC of C6 to turn on a C bit. In an additional rung use the chosen C bit and a NO of X72 to do the first copy, then another rung use the same C bit and a NC of X72 to do the second copy.
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      Exactly what I did ... split it into two separate rungs (thought of it right after I put up the post).

      I just don't understand why I had to ... I will check under the editor to see if I can find out what is wrong.



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        It has to do with the stack oriented method of solving the logic. Got to the Host Engineering fourm and ask for information. Search for "AND above Join"
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