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Max number if simultanious PID loops on BX-DM1E-36ED23

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  • Max number if simultanious PID loops on BX-DM1E-36ED23

    Looking to build an extruder-like machine. Will need to control up to 6 heat zones, and 3+ steppers, at least one of which will need it's speed controlled by an analog input via a PID loop. Assuming the correct modules (temperature, high speed if necessary) are installed, how many PID loops can I run simultaneously?
    Thanks in advance

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    I think your analog I/O count (Process Variables) will be your limit.
    As far as PID Loops, I think the only practical limit is memory. I believe it would handle 1600+ Loops just fine, anyway it compiles and programs ok.


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      I have used the BX-DM1E-36ED23-D on a number of blown film extrusion lines to control the entire line.

      Heat/cool zones, gearbox cooling, nip cooling, feed section cooling, bubble sizing, PID Loops 30+