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BRX Ethernet Base Controll Analog IO Capability

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  • BRX Ethernet Base Controll Analog IO Capability

    I have a performance question about a new build I am designing which will be a mutli-rack BRX/DoMore setup. The primary rack will use a BX-DM1E-M and will have my analog IO, digital ins and all my HSIO modules, while a BX-EBC100-M will control my THM, RTD's and relay outputs. Right now my design is requiring enough analog and high speed IO that I am maxed out on the primary rack. So my question, is there a performance loss when moving analog IO to an expansion rack? I am using a SCADA system to control, monitor and log all IO from the PLC, and my logging rate target is 100ms. Currently I am using a DoMore DL205 PLC with all analog and high speed modules on the primary rack, as I had read somewhere to put your priority data and all high speed modules on the primary rack.

    I know I have to keep my high speed modules in my primary rack, but I have a unique installation that if I could place the analog modules in a remote rack I could save quite a bit of wiring. So if the update rate from the EBC is acceptable to keep scan times down and keep my SCADA update rate acceptable, I would entertain moving the analog modules.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Depending on your scan time, your remote I/O update rate should be faster than the update rate of all currently shipping analog modules. We do have some faster modules launching soon that would likely need to be local to take full advantage.


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      If my memory is correct (doubt it), my scan times are on the order of 50ms. Can you give an idea what the update rate of the remote IO maxes out at?