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Using the axscript command

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  • Using the axscript command

    I am trying to use the axscript command to control a stepper to make four basic moves.
    When I try and make it move nothing happens?

    Went back and loaded one of the example files and again nothing.

    it wont go active, using my jog i move the axis and it reads the position.

    am i missing something? a config. Don't seem to see any thing in the help file.


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    Make sure the Axis Configuration in the System Configuration binds the axis to a physical set of High Speed Outputs. By default, $Axis1 thru $Axis3 are "virtual", meaning they are not tied to any I/O, but can manipulate the accumulator, but not actually generate any pulses ($Axis0 is ALWAYS virtual, useful as a "master" for the other "slave" axis).

    Also, you need an AXCONFIG instruction to initialize the Axis at runtime. On Success of that, you can manipulate the Axis with AXSCRIPT, AXPOSSCRV, AXVEL, etc.
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      Thanks for the response.

      i am doing my config for the 2 axis on first scan. i can do home return, s curve moves, and jog the axis.

      When i try and get the AXISCRIPT to try and move, energize the input nothing happens, just sits idle.

      One thing i notice is the script step is on 5. Using a example with five steps. should this be reset with another instruction?

      thanks JTA


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        It may have finished? Make sure your script's parameters are valid, especially if they are using D memory or something (e.g. go to position 0, done immediately, set velocity to 0, done, with no movement).

        Disable the AXSCRIPT. Rerun the AXCONFIG which resets the axis. Make sure the script step # goes back to 0. Rerun the AXSCRIPT, see if it goes to 5 immediately.
        There are 10 kinds of people in this world, those who know binary, and those who do not.


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          Re did my config just to be sure.

          messed around with the AXSCRIPT box and it started working.

          not sure why yet but making pogess.

          thanks for the help.

          good learning exp.