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Using PID to control the speed of a motor

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  • Using PID to control the speed of a motor

    I have a project that i'm working on & I have never used PID before. There are several videos on youTube that deal with using PID for temperature control. (I will use PID in a temperature control project in the near future) I'm trying to accomplish using a setpoint as my "maintain" value. This is what I want to accomplish, key in the setpoint on the touch screen, a current transducer 4-20ma will be on WX0 as the measuring point (grinder motor). the output will be WY0 which is turning feed rollers to feed plastic into a grinder. When the unit is in auto then I want the amperage on the grinder motor to control how fast the feed rollers turn while working to maintain the setpoint. I already have the touch screen setup & all of my controls programmed. The PID loop is my last hurdle to making this project complete. If anyone could drop some coding or instructions that would be very helpful.

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    Have you watched the videos?
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      I watched them but they pertain to temperature control. Unless I missed that video?


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        Temperature control (heating) seems to be a good model. As temperature rises lessen the output to the heater. I am presuming that your grinder motor current increases you would lessen the feed rate. You probably won't find an exact ready made implementation for you installation. You'll need to do some tuning and experimenting.