I have been working with Productivity 2000 and the HSO (High Speed Output) connected to a SureServo SVA-2100 for just over a week.

My application is for an indexer on a punch press. We rebuild electric motors and use the presses to punch the lamination stacks that are used in the rotor and field. Different motors require a different number of slots, the press runs at around 60 pinches per minute. Have a prox on the press crank to detect when the die has cleared the lamination and then index to the next position. When the slots have all been punched, release the clutch and stop the press.

I found a couple of things that are not documented anywhere, but will affect your operation.
When you configure the HSO card - SETUP/HARDWARE CONFIG/LOCAL BASE GROUP/HSO CARD/CHANNEL SETUP you must setup the output limits to the speeds you are expecting to run. When I look at channel 2 (unused in this application) I see all those numbers blank. If you set them to a value and then try to exceed that value in the Simple Move instruction, nothing happens...

Homing - It appears that there are different limits to the speed used when homing. I am using a 10:1 gearbox and used mode 4 - Move to switch and return and found that I could not set speed faster that 10,000 or it would not work.

Also homing - when using mode 4 - try changing between Rising and Falling edge sense as one will give you much faster homing, depending on how you sensor is configured.