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P1000 series - Powering devices from the cabinet

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  • P1000 series - Powering devices from the cabinet

    Yes, I am new to PLCs.

    I have the P1000 starter kit and the additional digital input card. I have several 12V devices that I want to run from this setup. Right now, I have to plug each device in to a power outlet. I would like to run the 12v wires to the PLC cabinet and power them all from the PLC setup. Can anyone tell me what I need to do/buy to do that?

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    It looks like the P1000 starter kit has its own 24vdc power supply and a relay output card.
    If you have some 12v loads that need to be driven by the relay card, then you will need a 12v power supply.
    PSB12-015-P is a 12vdc power supply that may work.
    Need to check that its capacity in amps is enough to supply the 12v loads.
    Hook up the 12v power supply inputs to the appropriate ac voltage and the power supply outputs 0v and 12vdc to the load and relay card.


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      I believe the P1000 requires 24v to the CPU, it wont work with 12v. So you will need to use the 24v supply the kit came with to power the main CPU part of the PLC.
      The input and output cards will work with 12v devices though, so you will want another DC power supply that has 12v output, and connect that to your commons. Then the sensors can be wired directly in to the PLC.


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        As MikeN stated - a seperate power supply is required. See this ->
        Good Luck!!