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AMCI Nexus LDT Interface?

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  • AMCI Nexus LDT Interface?

    Anyone have any experience setting up an AMCI Nexus LDT Interface? Model is NX2C4E-08. Trying to connect to a P2-550 through a network switch. IP addresses are set up and communication is working. I am asking specifically about the setup in the Productivity Suite software. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Just as an aside I have 2 LDT's connected to this interface. One LDT has 3 magnets on it and the other LDT has 2 magnets if this makes any difference. Just need basic position sensing.
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    Page 23 of this document explains how to set up a generic client. If you provide the IP address of your device and P2K, I can do it. The Productivity Suite can also import eds files. I note the AMCI website has the eds files.
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      OK Sorry for not responding earlier. I had to travel for work and haven't been able to get anything done on this for the last two weeks or so.

      The eds files on the website are not for this model. AMCI tech support sent me the file for the NX2C4E-08 BUT it does not work with Productivity Suite. I get three errors when trying to import this eds file.
      Line 42: Param1: Data size of 528 bits for type 0xC7(null) is not supported.
      Line 56: Param2: Data size of 2176 bits for type 0xC7(null) is not supported.
      Line 90: Connection1: Reference to a non-existent or invalid member 'Param'

      In working with Automation Direct AND AMCI tech support I was able to get it working by installing it manually. There were specific settings that are not in the online AMCI manual and I had to get those settings from AMCI at the request of Automation Direct. Once we had the correct settings it was still a little trial and error but we got to the end eventually.

      Big kudos to tech support at Automation Direct. Those guys have a lot of patience!

      No complaints about AMCI tech support but not as attentive as the guys at Automation Direct.

      For some reason my IPhone will not connect to my laptop on site so I will have to upload screenshots of the settings when I get home later.


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        OK, Here are some pics of the setup of the AMCI Nexus NX2C4E-08 Multiple Magnet LDT Interface.
        Click image for larger version

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          So, I am at a point where I can view the sensors in Data View. Unfortunately, I can only see change in position of the first magnet on each sensor. According to AMCI I have to write config data to the AMCI in the ladder. They have provided me a sample RS Logix program for writing that data to the AMCI. I am having trouble converting that to Productivity suite and was hoping someone here might be able to help. I have two sensors. Sensor 1 has 4 magnets and sensor 2 has 2 magnets. Please see the attached .pdf file which is an RS Logix sample program for setup of the NX2C4E-08.

          Direction attached to the email sent with this sample program

          "The attached document is a PDF printout of a RSLogix 5000 program that is used to program the NX2C4E-08 unit. Of course your Automation Direct logic will look different, but the concepts will be the same.

          Here are the parameters that you will need to send to the unit.

          Configuration Word: Programs the number of magnets, enables the LED, and sets the sensor type to start / stop or PWM. I have assumed that you have a start / stop sensor, programmed channel 1 for 4 magnets and channel 2 for 2 magnets.

          Gradient: This is the calibration number that is shown on the head of each sensor and has units of us/in. A typical value is 9.1234 us/in and that is what I have used below for both channels. Each sensor will have its own gradient value and entering a different value will result in repeatable, but not accurate, measurements.

          Full Scale Count: This is the number of counts that you want over the entire length of the sensor. The maximum value is 1000 times the length of the sensor.

          Full Scale Length: The actual length of the sensor in inches.

          For this example, I have assumed a sensor that is 25 inches long and that you want a full scale count of 25000, giving you a resolution of 1000 counts per inch.

          Preset Value: This is the position that you want the first magnets position to become with the Apply Preset Command is issued. I have assumed a preset value of 0.

          Here is the setup data for the first two channels of the NX2C4E-08. "
          Output Word Channel Function Sample Value
          0 1 Control 48 (16#0030)
          1 1 Configuration 9216 (16#2400)
          2 1 Upper 1 digit gradient 9
          3 1 Lower 4 digits gradient 1234
          4 1 Upper 2 digits Full Scale Count 2
          5 1 Lower 4 digits Full Scale Count 5000
          6 1 Full Scale Length 25
          7 1 Upper 4 digits preset value 0
          8 1 Lower 4 digits preset value 0
          9 2 Configuration 8704 (16#2200)
          10 2 Upper 1 digit gradient 9
          11 2 Lower 4 digits gradient 1234
          12 2 Upper 2 digits Full Scale Count 2
          13 2 Lower 4 digits Full Scale Count 5000
          14 2 Full Scale Length 25
          15 2 Upper 4 digits preset value 0
          16 2 Lower 4 digits preset value 0
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