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P2K switching on c-more

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  • P2K switching on c-more

    I am new to the whole PLC world, I am a sparky by trade and now trying to learn something new. I have take some courses on ladder logic but am having trouble making something work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I have four tanks to fill and I would like to be able to only fill one at a time. How would the ladder work to only allow (1) switch to work at a time. I have written the logic to open actuators and close actuators but cant seem to wrap my head around the code to disable any of the other switches while one is active. I am using a P2000 with a relay output module and a C-More EA9 HMI. The switches are working from the HMI.

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    This is a very very simple rendention. More thought needs to be put into tank interlocks, probably some timers, etc.

    Click image for larger version

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      thank you. I will try this


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        Just another option if a radio button is ok. Make a radio button in the Cmore with 4 buttons and use plc internal(C bit) tags. The radio button object will only allow one button at a time to be active.


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          First chance I've had to get back in here, and I want to thank you guys for the input. I managed to get everything to work. The ladder was simple and the help worked out, just proves that sometimes we make things more difficult than they need to be and a fresh set of eyes and ears makes a world of difference. My old foreman always comes to mind and I can hear him say " Keep It Simple St*pid" K.I.S.S.