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12 and 16 digit matrix keypad task

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  • 12 and 16 digit matrix keypad task

    I am looking to see if anyone has successfully programmed at least a 12 button matrix keypad as a task in productivity?

    I am trying to achieve the reading of inputs, storing the data, and comparing it to the preprogrammed combinations.

    I am not sure where to start on it. I have a working version in click, but I am new to productivity. I know most basic functions, but the moving of data and comparing it eludes me currently.

    They 12 digit is layed out like this

    I am using a productivity 1000, but 2000 gets used alot also.

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    I don't have a matrix keypad to test this code but I believe the concept should work.
    One program stores the result in a integer file while the the other store it in a bool array.
    You would have to add more code to detect multiple switch presses on the integer code.
    Hope this helps.
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