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  • Which one should I buy?2000 20003

    Card games have been existing for millennium since their first invention in the Far East to the West and every corner in the world with tons of forms. Now, its cultures are still applied in a wide variety of online games for the easy access of users. A lot of people are still embraced by the undeniable attraction of these games. Here, we collected the best collection of well-known card games to rule the online gaming community.
    These games are as fantastic as the most popular and best art games to play with friends - new and online.

    1. Backgammon

    Practice this game online with familiar graphics and simple controls

    Here comes a game combining luck and skill. Of course, this free game is not too easy to master. Therefore, it is possible for you to practice online with familiar graphics and simple controls. Feel free to enjoy this game on your mobile devices or right on the web browser. Dating back for nearly 5000 years, this game is made with complex rules and vast strategies.

    2. Card Shuffle

    Memorizing the right positions of cards is quite tricky. However, you come to the right spot because here, we have the chance to practice to memorize better. Solve multiple puzzles and get ready to unlock the greatest card hands ever. You may need to apply your prior knowledge on building the best card hands with 5 cards. Move the cards both vertically and horizontally. Plan carefully for each movement. Match correctly to optimize the highest scores. Get suit kings, queens, and jacks in sequence! If you want to have the chance for brainstorming and creativity development, here is our top outstanding free online art games you should try right away.

    3. Classic Freecell Solitaire

    Stop playing this game is impossible!

    This is a great remake of classic Solitaire with familiar rules. Add four slots to store your cards. With an amazing interface, Classic Freecell Solitaire will be one of the best single-player card games to play during breaks or long journeys. With the perfect brain-teasing nature, players will enhance their cognitive function through all gameplay. Stack all your cards in the right corner of the top screen. The ones put in the free slots are only brought back on your table if you have created enough space for them.

    4. Blackjack City

    This game will be what you love for a long time. This fantastic card game will enable you to play against the monitor. Once you join this fast-paced card game, there is no way to stop playing. Accumulate virtual money to start higher levels and bet your opponents. Follow the simple rules of Blackjack City. Start with two cards and stick with these to make it up to 21 ones. Be brave to bet the highest one. Every 5 games completed will be rewarded well.

    5. Chinese Solitaire

    Bet your luck in this game!

    Stacking the cards in this game is not easy at all. You will quickly be overwhelmed in mismatching cards. Consult some real Solitaire expert to help you clear the whole board. The soothing background music with easy-to-read cards will keep you diving in several levels constantly. Reach your aces to clear space up. Donít open any new card! Good luck! Girls will definitely love this masterpiece. If you fancy games with the ability to open your mind like this one, don't forget to check out the most outstanding art games for girls to play right now - free and online.
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    What do you need?


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      for me P3000 hands down I just do not like the way the P2000 I/O cards mount on the rack. Too loose to me! JMHO


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        Video of vibration test done on P2000. This was posted by ADC. Biggest difference is I/O count. If you need a lot P3000 if P2000 meets your needs then use it. Again we have no info on your application.
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          I have used the P2K in many applications without problem (other than one 4-slot backplane that needed a firmware update). The loosiness (is that a word?) of the modules has never been an issue.
          Why worry? If you've done the best you can, worrying won't make it any better

          - Walt Disney


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            I went with the 3000 because it punches so far above it's weight class that the bit extra it cost was negligable also it seems like all my projects get things added mid stream and I wanted to be prepared