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what are you using to automatically generate charts from PLC data?

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  • what are you using to automatically generate charts from PLC data?

    I'm sure I can write up something in excel to do this, but figured I'd ask before I go reinvent the wheel...

    Our productivity 2000 PLC will (obviously) be recording tagname data (including the batch/order information) - I will be copying these files to a network drive. I would like to turn this data into plots so I can (with graphs) view:

    1) the process history for a given order/batch

    2) sensor data throughout time (even when a batch wasn't running)

    I already have a piece of this done for our temp/humidity data collectors scattered throughout the facility... it works by opening an excel file, selecting the location (sensor) you want and the time frame, and it generators charts from the logs available in a folder.

    What are you using?

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    I use excel as well. I have a template with the chart set up on sheet 1 and paste the data on sheet 2. it works well enough for what i need but am interested if someone has something better.


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      Can I do this while connected just through the programming port?


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        If using Excel you can do this directly with VBA.

        I prefer to log the information into a database then use excel to connect and get the data.
        AdvancedHMI is a good program.

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