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  • P2-HSO Simple Move

    I cannot seem to get simple motion to work through code. When I test the HSO using the test utility everything works fine. I have attached screen caps of the various dialogs. I am getting a code 18,19 error, but my values are within range. I could use help with this.

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    You did not send your edits from data view. That is why they are outlined in red and why your ladder monitoring shows 0 for everything as well as the value field in data view showing 0. Send the edits so the tags actually have data and the move should work


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      Also once you get your move working, you should go into the HSO hardware settings and set up the scaling for either how many pulses are in 1 revolution, or how many pulses in an inch or mm. Makes things way easier to understand when programming. In your move command you just input the target as whatever rev/inch/mm distance you want to travel and it works, instead of thinking about how many pulses you have to do to get where you want.


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        Thanks MikeN, The values are in red, because of the timing of my screen capture, but you did get me thinking about what was happening and the problem maybe how I was using DataView. I am sending edits for the Target, Velocity, Accel, Decel, and closing the contact (Pump 1 Run) all at the same time. I believe the SMOV is being run before the values have time to populate. If I send the integer values with the contact open and then send the contact closed edit everything may work. I will test this when I get home tonight.

        Just as a note, I am building an application where I may not necessarily know what the motor scaling is, therefore I am doing all the scaling in my code and have retentive tags to enter constants for the system that is being setup. This way the setup in the field does not require productivity software.