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P1000 ASCII Output Question

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  • P1000 ASCII Output Question

    Sorry for the NOOB question. I am having a great time working with the P1000 so far. I have run into sensor, an SICK OLM100 bar code reader, that I want to use in a command/response format. The command string that I need to output to the sensor is "<STX>0107<ETX>". I created three tags, two 8 bit with values of 2 and 3, ASCII for <STX> and <ETX> respectively, as well as a 4 character string with the 0107 value. I then used a string pack command to pack the three tags right before I use an ASCII OUT to send the command string. The resulting string looks like 201073 and I am not sure what a control character should look like in the programming interface. Am I headed in the right direction with this? Any suggestions welcome.

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    If the 0107 is to be ASCII CHARACTER, maybe they should look like 48 49 48 55 (DECIMAL) or 30 31 30 37 (HEX)


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      Yes, thank you very much. I found the custom command out section and I am working that in now.