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Error when loading tag database into C-more PLC

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  • Error when loading tag database into C-more PLC

    I am receiving the following error when I attempt to load a tag database onto a C-more HMI. I am currently using Productivity Suite P3-550. When I export the tag database, it successfully exports as a .csv.
    Error GUI-185 : Import File is already opened or corrupted. Please check the file and import again.

    When I looked the error up, the GUI errors stat that "An attempt was made to import a file that is missing a Protocol ID column." So I compared the .csv file to another program that I ran an older version of the file and did not see any discrepancies except the tags that I added. Has anyone ever had this issue before, and if so how did you resolve it?

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    Do you have the csv file open on the pc? The only way I can replicate the error is to leave the csv file open and try to import.


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      I resolved the issue, but to do so I had to create a new program and copy the entire program over to the new program, and download the new program. The old program still does not work. The .csv file is closed when I attempt to download the tags