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  • Search and Replace within CPD


    Is it normal that I cannot search and replace tags within a CPD instruction? It's weird because the indirect address tags can be searched and replaced (as long as I use the full tag name, but not the source tag.
    Is this a known bug or do I have an issue on my end?

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    Wait... it does work.... but I have to use the entire tag name... can't just be a few characters.


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      Can you use a wildcard?


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        What SW version?


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          Originally posted by kewakl View Post
          What SW version?
          I'm using

          I didn't know I could use wildcards.... it looks to have trouble when using a portion of a tag which is an indirect address of an array.


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            Does anyone know how to use wildcards or any type of search and replace that is not tag specific and not a prefix... for example, because of other limitations with the Modbus Read instruction, I now have hundreds of them in the program. and As I copy the routines, I would like to be able to search and replace only array elements. for example, I want to change all the 'MRX InProgress(702)', and MRX Complete(702), etc. with (802) instead of (702)... In seems like this is not possible at all.
            I also looked if exporting a routine and doing it in a text editor is possible... but this is also not a thing.

            Can the search and replace functionality be expanded so that the user has control of what is being searched and replaced, instead of placing limitations on it? Sorry that I am a bit frustrated, but my hands are cramping up from the hundreds of array elements I am changing.