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FYI: P3 SW cannot find tags in P1 SW

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  • FYI: P3 SW cannot find tags in P1 SW

    I know that 1.9 is obsolete, but others may find this information useful

    The SW Version RX/WX instructions
    Tag list cannot find tags in SW Version project file.
    Tried on two laptops with existing and new projects.

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    COuld you explain a bit more what you are doing and where you are opening the tag file?


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      I was wanting a SW V1.9 (P3) project to read from a SW V3.4 (P1).
      I finally did a write from the SW V3.4 project.

      In the SW V1.9 project WX and RX instructions.
      The tags for the SW V3.4 will not show after a file read.

      edit:When i get back to desk, I'll post image.

      -See attached images

      NA -- RX - Non Array
      AC -- WX - Array C
      ST -- WX - String
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        We are able to duplicate what you are seeing here on our end. There were changes to the project file version in 3.0.x.x & higher that gets saved to the .adpro that disallows this functionality.

        There are two options:

        1.) Upgrade your 1.9 project to 3.4
        2.) Use MRX instruction to read from the P1.

        We apologize for any inconvenience this is causing. We have entered a trouble ticket to our software team.


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          Not a big problem, hence the FYI part.

          I do understand that I am using obsolete SW versions.
          I am also in process of determining the issues moving my PACs to the latest SW/FW - so this workaround is acceptable.
          I just wanted to document this issue and a workaround as a member service. Some of us are not allowed to make SW/FW rev changes just because they are available.

          Thanks for duplicating this issue.