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No signal on P1-04ADL-1 or -2

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  • No signal on P1-04ADL-1 or -2

    I am new to working with PLC's so bear with me. I have a device with three analog outputs that I want to monitor on my P1-540. I have installed the P1-04ADL-1 for the two 4-20mA channels and the P1-04ADL-2 for the 0-10V channel. I have set up my program to view the inputs and would like to send them to a C-more panel. My issue is that none of the values seem to be processing the signal. I have an external 24V supply going into the modules and I have checked the output signals off of the device to verify that they are producing a signal, they are. The question is what am i doing wrong? I have set up my tags and I am using a linear scale function but there doesn't seem to be any signal coming into the system. Thanks

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    Is the PLC in run mode?


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      I have tried it in both modes. I am primarily monitoring it in the productivity suite software, however I may not have set up the input right. I have used the scale linear command and set my inputs for the tags for the three channels beings used. It is almost as if the units are not on.


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        I found my issue. The two analog input units were reversed in my configuration. I have swapped them and it seems to be working. However I am confused by how the scale function works. I have set the value to be 4 for output min (1638 input min) and 20 for the output max (8191) for the 13 bit ADC but the output remains at zero.


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          could you attach a copy of the program. i will take a quick look at it. i am wondering if you have the channel selected in the hardware config or if there is a wiring error. i only have a P1-04ADL-1 to try it with but i could take a quick look none the less