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  • Module status for P3-EX

    In the past I have used MST-x.0.0.1 status bit of the P3-RX module. Now I am using the P3-EX module an do not see a similar status bit.
    How can the CPU indicate that the proper comms is happening? - hopefully without resorting to parsing the CPU error history

    sys config
    SW FW
    P3-08B P3-550(16ND3,16TD2,16TD2,16TD2,16TD2,16TD2,16TD2,16TD 2)
    P3-08B P3-EX (16AD-2,16AD-2,16AD-2,16AD-2,16AD-2,16AD-2,16AD-2)
    P3-08B P3-EX (16AD-2,16AD-2,16AD-2,16AD-2,16AD-2,16AD-2,16AD-2)

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    No status bits and since the non critical error log can have so many errors this may be easier. Of course you would have to duplicate for each local remote. It monitors the first module in the base. But since it should remain the same it is just a simple compare string instruction.

    Click image for larger version

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      techme, that looks brilliant.
      I will implement this (when I get access to the machine) and report back.

      Thank you!


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        I am reading the Module Status from the first module of each base. However, if I attempt to query more quickly than at a 1 second interval, I get erratic responses.
        A quick viewing of the help system revealed no timing limitations.


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          What do the responses look like? Do you always get the module not present response when it is unplugged? If so use the string compare for that rather than a string compare for the actual module name.


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            I have not given up on this discussion, just cannot do this kind of testing while in operation.


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              I had some time with this machine again today.
              If I have a delay less than ~ 90 on a STMR, I intermittently see the wrong Base returned.
              Both remote bases are populated as detailed in OP.
              With the delay preset low, I may see something like G00B02S01 P3-16AD-2 when I should be seeing something like this G00B03S01 P3-16AD-2
              (highlights are mine, of course)
              I do have a 6.8 millisecond scan.