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P2k HSI tachometer?

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  • P2k HSI tachometer?

    I need to measure an rpm. I'm planning to use a proximity sensor on flywheel teeth into an HSI module on a p2k. Under the "feedback" section of the hardware setup, is the "current velocity" tag an output that is directly available into the ladder logic? Or do I need to use a Registration to make it available? Or do I need to feed HSI data into counters and timers to change it from a count to an rpm rate? I'm new to PLC's and don't have hardware on hand yet to test with.

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    Just change the count to what the count for the number of pulses per revolution of your flywheel and use the RPM tag in your logic.

    Click image for larger version

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      Awesome thanks!


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        This video shows your setting up a prox sensor on a gear to count teeth:

        The software version is very old in the video and it was made when only the P3k existed, but it is the same for P3k and P2k.
        The video is showing number of teeth per second. So if you want teeth per minute you would just change it from per second to per minute. If you want to show a full revolution per "timecount" then you would change your counts per unit from 1 tooth to however many teeth are on your flywheel.

        When creating your tags for this, you may want your velocity to be in FP32 format rather than INt32. This will let you see parts of an RPM in your speed readout.

        Also if you want the position to roll over after 1 rotation you set that up farther down in the channel setup page.
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