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Productivity P1k rs-232 ASCII rfid

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  • Productivity P1k rs-232 ASCII rfid

    Hi Guys,

    I am trying to find a good way of authenticating users of my machines. Our I.T. department uses rfid readers to authenticate users of their applications and so I thought I would try reading the same id cards into my PAC.

    I purchased a rs232 rfid reader from RFIDeas (RDR-60W1AK5) which came with a db9 interface. I cut this and purchased a RJ12 keystone and straight through cable to connect to my P1k.

    This is the manual for the device:

    I am able to write to the device with no issue (can change the LED and make beep) but am not getting anything if I try to read from it...

    My AIN instruction is always enabled but when I scan a card, nothing goes into the destination tag. I have tried this instruction with a variable number of characters with termination code 0x0d - no change.

    Any assistance would be much appreciated.
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    1 have you setup the rfid card with the rfid software to the correct card total chars parsing rules and seen the card chars read into your computer
    2 why use an aout to read as a valid card swept by reader can send the string

    stick with fixed length ain for now at least you will see something even if wrong baud rate etc


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      This is a RS-232 network. It is point to point and there can only be one master device and one slave device. The plc should be the master and use an AOUT command to request the id from the device. ( Looks like one of the rfid:qid commands) After the AOUT is complete the AIN should be enabled to look for the response from the slave device. (RFID reader) I do not see anywhere in the manual that they send a termination code or that you can specify one, but they give detailed data on what is in the string so you will have to use string function instructions to extract the data you wish to use.


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        I have used theses before with an HMI to read out the text in RFID cards. There is a program you have to use to set it up with the type of card you are using but after the initial set up it works well.


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          On a new serial device, I always use the pc and realterm first to verify my custom ascii before committing to the plc.


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            Thanks guys, I figured it out the devices transmit signal was not making good contact.