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How to check if P2k HSO is burnt out?

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  • How to check if P2k HSO is burnt out?

    I can't seem to get my HSO to drive my stepper motor driver (STP-DRV-4850). I have tried wiring it to do line drive and the posted sure step wiring I get nothing when I try and use the HS module tester. I have run the motor through the sure step software itself and that works fine.

    I was a dummy and screwed up and accidentally put 48V to the external power on the HSO instead of the 24V required. Would this have burnt out the output pins on the HSO? The LED's on the front panel all work as they should at this point in time. Is there any way to test some of the pins on the module to see if it is bad now? I don't have a second HSO to swap in to test at the moment.


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    See the "SureStep Wiring Diagram" on page 5 here:
    Remember to use 5v power for the HSO output, not 24v.

    That config is not set up as line driver (which is positive and negative signal), but it is how the manuals show to connect and it is the only way I have been able to get it working in the past. If you do manage to get line driver working between P2k HSO and stepper drive then please post some pictures showing your connections.

    Some other things to check would be that in the HSO you had it set for quadrature output not pulse/direction. Also in the stepper config that you had quadrature input selected, not step/direction.
    If you do use the wiring diagrams shown in the manual, then both these things should be set for step/direction.
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      You can use the High Speed Module tester built into the Productivity Suite software to test wiring. Please refer to P246 in the help file.

      If the motor doesn't spin using the tester then most likely there is an issue.